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About us

Artemis SPA is a modern, exclusive and private SPA, with eight large massage rooms and dedicated to sensual, erotic and tantric massage.

It was designed and built from scratch thinking of our massages, efficiency and also the convenience of our clients.

It is located right in the centre of Lisbon, in Picoas, near car parks, but in a quiet street with little movement.

We thought of the Artemis Lisbon SPA as a refuge from daily stress and routine, aiming at personal relaxation, providing an experience of well-being to all our clients

Our clients are Men, Women and Couples who seek a moment of relaxation through a relaxing massage, also adding a component of sensuality and erotism in order to fully enjoy a unique experience.

The Artemis Lisbon SPA has a team of female and male therapists of high beauty and sensuality, properly trained and qualified in our massages, which will provide unforgettable and memorable moments to our clients.

It is a space equipped with eight fabulous massage rooms, two of them suitable for couples’ massages, and two equipped with Jacuzzi with chromotherapy.

All the massage rooms are equipped with a shower area, chromotherapy led, aromatherapy and high quality Japanese tatamis produced on purpose for our SPA.

The SPA also has a reception room and a tea room for the convenience of our clients.

We stand out for the convenience of our space, exclusivity, luxury, discretion, privacy and attention to detail in order to provide all our customers with an incredible experience of well-being, that they will remember for a long time.

There are individual shower cabins in every room, with quality products, namely, slippers, comb, shampoo, shower gel, sponge, cap, several towels at your disposal, etc…

Hygiene is fundamental in the Artemis Lisbon SPA, so in addition to disinfestation and daily cleaning of our space, the client has clean towels at each shower, which he will take before and after the massage.

The whole spa is in perfect harmony of aromas, led chromatic lighting, sound, surrounding environment, in order to create an atmosphere of relaxation, eroticism, sensuality so that our clients can experience unique sensations.

The Artemis Lisbon SPA, differentiates itself by combining the comfort of its facilities with excellent conditions and offers massages for open-minded people, without prejudices and with a taste for sensuality and eroticism.

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Our massages can be given by Female or Male Therapists to Men or Women.
See our team of therapists and choose who you want to have your massage with