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Client Code of Conduct

The Artemis Lisbon SPA is very proud to provide our clients with a unique service in a space with unique conditions for sensual, erotic and tantric massage in the centre of Lisbon.

For the benefit of our clients and to allow us to provide a unique quality of service, we request that this code of conduct is observed and respected by our clients:

Each of our massages is special and a sensual, erotic or tantric experience, designed to be received and enjoyed by the client. Let the therapist do her job at ease and simply enjoy and relax during the massage.

Always respect the personal wishes of each professional and their instructions, not exceeding the boundaries set by our SPA or therapist.
Our therapists are dedicated and trained professionals. They are not escorts, nor do they provide companionship or sexual services. We ask that the professional pride of the therapists be respected and that the client refrain from requesting or asking for any sexual service or act, as this request will not be met.

The Artemis Lisbon SPA provides all hygienic care of its facilities with its own disinfectants. Therapists will maintain perfect hygiene and will obligatorily shower before and after each massage, besides other measures of personal hygiene. 

The client should also be aware of the need to maintain perfect personal hygiene and showering before the massage is compulsory.

The better the hygiene, the better the masseuse’s involvement and greater her willingness to provide an extraordinary experience to our client.

For the Artemis Lisbon SPA it is important that this code of conduct is respected. Therefore we respectfully ask all clients, to be aware of the importance of maintaining a perfect hygiene record and a perfect personal behaviour, to be able to benefit from the access to our services and enjoy our massages and our facilities.


Our massages can be given by Female or Male Therapists to Men or Women.
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